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Please support the Irish Sea Crossing effort

This is a serious challenge that I hope will be worthy of your support.
Please get involved and be part of what is a bit of a crazy idea to help two very worthy charities - thanks.
Chris Todd.
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Thanks to Hacklings Storage and Distribution

Sponsorship Posted on 04 Oct, 2012 16:21:19

A massive thanks
to Hacklings Storage and Distribution for transportation of the fuel for the
safety boat.

The fuel for the
safety boat has to be one of the most important parts of the jig-saw puzzle and
moving it around the country to get it to the Safety Boat, Rib Energy, Liverpool docks, has been one of my biggest headaches!

Rapid and
efficient movement of hazardous substances, I have discovered, is not what I am
good at. Too many complications / regulations / considerations and
qualifications involved! But, luckily for me, shipping of hazardous goods is
just one of the things that Hacklings Storage and Distribution are good

The introduction
on the Hacklings website,, states “Not
all Haulage companies are the same” and I have to
say, that I agree. I have contacted quite a number of transport agencies to
investigate shipping this rather important load. As soon as I started talking
to Hacklings, I was amazed by their helpfulness and efficiency.

It seems to me
to be an effective organisation which great flexibility and rapid decision
making…which is a perfect combination, for changing situations, such as shipping
fuel for a safety boat, under the imminent threat of good weather and a launch
for the Irish Sea Crossing attempt.

So, thanks to
Hacklings for their quick and eager support for the WBA and the RNLI, two great charities, and also
for taking away the worry of transporting the large quantities of fuel needed
for the Safety Boat.

Thank you


Thanks to Southern Tank Services

Sponsorship Posted on 17 Sep, 2012 20:14:51

Thanks very much to Chris Ford at Southern Tank
for provision of
transportation tanks and a pumping service; part of the logistics of moving the
fuel for the safety boat.

Southern Tank Services was
amazingly helpful and has provided two IBC tanks for transportation of the diesel
needed for the safety boat. Despite
being super busy, Chris made the time to come and deliver the donated
transportation tanks and provide a pumping service to get this very vital part
of the Irish Sea Crossing jig saw puzzle under way.

I could tell from just
the short time that Chris spent sorting out the fuel transfer that he likes to get things done just
right and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they are. For
example, not content with providing the transportation tanks and the
pump service, Chris kindly donated a combined fuel filter / water-absorber, just to
ensure that when the fuel gets pumped into the boat that it is in absolutely perfect condition!

A big thanks to Southern Tank Services for
being so supportive for my effort to support two great charities. I would even go so far as to say….“Tanks” for

find out more about Southern Tank Services visit their website at


Thanks to QinetiQ

Sponsorship Posted on 17 Sep, 2012 20:10:41

Thanks enormously to QinetiQ for provision of the
fuel for the safety boat.

The safety
boat is a massively important part of the crossing and although provision had
been made for a smaller safety boat…this fuel will allow the use of a larger, more capable boat, which will improve the safety aspects for this crossing

To find out more about QinetiQ visit their website at

So a truly massive thanks
for provision of a very vital part of the Irish Sea Crossing attempt.


Thanks to Jewson

Sponsorship Posted on 06 Sep, 2012 20:38:05

Thanks very much to Jewson for provision of buoyancy foam (by way
of an 8×4 ft panel of building insulation).

With all the additional
gear that is needed for the Irish Sea Crossing the raft is running pretty close
to maximum load capacity. This extra buoyancy
foam will be added to provide a bit of a “comfort factor” so that I have a bit
more buoyancy margin, should I need it.

I have to say, that I
was very impressed with how swiftly and heartily Jewson responded to my “random
request” for foam to help me walk across the Irish Sea!

So thanks to Jewson for
being so supportive about my effort to support two great charities.

To find out more about
Jewson visit their website at


Thanks to QinetiQ Bushman Trackers

Sponsorship Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 00:39:23

Thanks very much to QinetiQ Bushman Asset Tracking for provision of a tracking service…used for “global asset tracking”.

If I’m using a Bushman, does this now make me a “Global Asset”…hmmm, not sure?

But what I do know is that this little hand held device will give continuous satellite based position updates. Bushman have set the update frequency to be around 10 minutes which will be more than enough to cope with my snail’s pace and will give me more than enough battery for the crossing – if I don’k make it across in 48 hrs…I’m sure the battery will outlast me.

For more info about the handy James Bond style tracking device see the website

I want to thank QinetiQ Bushman for the no-nonsense straight talking help and support – if only everything in life were as quick, simple and straight-forward as dealing with QinetiQ Bushman.

So, thanks for helping make this event “observable” for those not bobbing up and down in the Irish Sea!

The tracking link will go onto the IrishSeaCrossing website shortly.


Thanks to Likeys

Sponsorship Posted on 04 Sep, 2012 02:22:37

Thanks very much to for provision of some important kit: the drinking tubes and waterproof kit bags.

Have you ever heard the little saying “the devil’s in the detail”. So true! These little drinking tubes might be the making of the voyage…without them it would be much harder to fuel up on carb-drink and much harder to keep topped up with water and electrolytes. This is massively important if I’m going to make it though 48 hours and 30 litres of liquid during the crossing attempt.

Likeys provide the best kit and more importantly the best advise…I have known Martin and Sue for many years, including sharing experiences over three ulti-day ultra events (both hot and cold), and I know that if there’s something they don’t know about the kit they are selling, then it’s not worth knowing. More details about Likeys can be found on their website

They say you can survive 40 days without food, but on this challenge I couldn’t be able to continue for 40 minutes with out water…so once, thanks for the support and for providing these highly important bits of kit.


Thanks to Drew Marine Signal & Safety UK Ltd

Sponsorship Posted on 24 Aug, 2012 20:19:05

Thanks very much
to Drew Marine
Signal & Safety UK Ltd
for provision of some
vital safety kit: the PainsWessex
emergency flare packs.

We hope that these items will not be needed.
However, in considering the worst possible outcomes of various situations on the crossing we wouldn’t be considering undertaking a sea going
trip like this without them!

These flares
will offer visibility should I lose contact with the safety boat or should we
have to make our presence known to oncoming vessels. One worry is how visible we will be at night,
and although there are several mitigations in place, these important safety
signals are the backstop, should all else fail.

More details and
some cool videos showing flares in use are available via the PainsWessex website

I would
particularly like to express my thanks to Drew Marine Signal & Safety UK Ltd
for the enthusiastic way in which they have offered
their support…and although I have every faith in their products, this is one
case where I hope not to put them to the test.

So, once again, thanks for your support
and for providing these highly important bits of safety kit.


Thanks to Family Adventure Store

Sponsorship Posted on 17 Aug, 2012 22:47:31

Thanks very much to the Family Adventure Store for provision of rope needed for the rudder steering and lift mechanisms.

I have visited the shop in Trowbridge a number of times, it is an Aladdin’s Cave full of cool adventure stuff! Check out this link for a super groovy 360 degree shot of the store. Its crammed! (this link can be found on their blog page of the website See if you can spot the box with the rope supplies in it!

So, once again, thanks for your support and for being our first sponsor!


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