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Please support the Irish Sea Crossing effort

This is a serious challenge that I hope will be worthy of your support.
Please get involved and be part of what is a bit of a crazy idea to help two very worthy charities - thanks.
Chris Todd.
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7th Sept no so good (High is too low!)

Weather Watch Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 00:26:51

Hi All,

I guess we might have to get used to this….. If we are to be ready, we must respond as if every possibility is a “real one” until proven otherwise…..same philosophy as fire alarms!

Sadly, the high pressure that was, just yesterday, predicted to pass over North Ireland is now predicted to be much more southerly…this means headwinds for the crossing, which is a no go situation.

So thanks for all the messages of support and for the donations that came flooding in on the prospect of a crossing.

Watch this space….there will be other opportunities.


7th Sept looks good

Weather Watch Posted on 04 Sep, 2012 02:26:53

High pressure settled over the Irish
Sea. Ideal sea states predicted. Good low tides for
that week end, all favourable. The winds are not ideal but may be ok.

Watch this space, the team are gearing up to go. So bit
items to sort and only a few days – it’s very tense….

Here’s hoping for the weekend!


Race against time

Weather Watch Posted on 06 Aug, 2012 00:28:25

As mentioned
on the website,
I think that the required high pressure weather system is more
likely in late September or early October.
I need high pressure with very light winds, and ideally light Easterly

Currently, there is still much to do to be ready (my fitness, the
Tredalo’s readiness, and the last sea/lake testing). However, I
hope will happen in next few weeks….

Once ready, it will then just be a case of waiting for the weather…I
hope to get in touch with the Weather folks in the Irish Sea Ferry Co’s to see
if they can keep a watching brief on the weather for me…so if anybody knows of, or can get hold of the “Met-man” over there…then please let me know.

Here’s hoping for good weather.