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Please support the Irish Sea Crossing effort

This is a serious challenge that I hope will be worthy of your support.
Please get involved and be part of what is a bit of a crazy idea to help two very worthy charities - thanks.
Chris Todd.
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Thanks to Jewson

Sponsorship Posted on 06 Sep, 2012 20:38:05

Thanks very much to Jewson for provision of buoyancy foam (by way
of an 8×4 ft panel of building insulation).

With all the additional
gear that is needed for the Irish Sea Crossing the raft is running pretty close
to maximum load capacity. This extra buoyancy
foam will be added to provide a bit of a “comfort factor” so that I have a bit
more buoyancy margin, should I need it.

I have to say, that I
was very impressed with how swiftly and heartily Jewson responded to my “random
request” for foam to help me walk across the Irish Sea!

So thanks to Jewson for
being so supportive about my effort to support two great charities.

To find out more about
Jewson visit their website at


Top Web Links

Resources Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 01:57:55

Monitor shipping movements:

Weather forecasts:

Sea State forecasts:

Holyhead info, including tides:

Welsh Sea State info:
[windfinder – good resourse]

Irish Met and Sea state info: [bouy reports…M2 and .M5 = irish sea] [lat long of bouys] [crossing reports and forecasts]

Webcams for sea state info: [west coast of Ireland in bay]
[Southern coast of Ireland
in a bay]
[west coast of Ireland
in a bay]
[good resource for multi webcam sites along west wales coast] [collection of webcams]

Geeks and Paddles

Tredalo Raft Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 01:50:00

During the last lake test…I conducted some geeky testing to determine the optimum paddle depth (the submerged paddle depth on the Tredalo prototype can be altered).

The findings were very interesting and allowed my to fix the selected paddle depth for the crossing attempt with some confidence. This will give me some peace of mind that I won’t be toiling away with an inefficient craft….(and I’ll say it before someone else does……yes I know paddle wheels were phased out because they are inefficient, and propellers are better – but that’s not the point, is it?).

So, having had a good result and having eliminated yet another unknown / variable and having plowed effort into a possible crossing this weekend (abandoned due to changing weather forecasts) – I must really get on and do some training!

Next session should be 8 hours. OUCH (and YAWN)! So I’ll provide an update when that happens…


Maritime Industries – Pains Wessex sponsors charity Irish Sea crossing in giant ‘hamster wheel’

Press Coverage Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 01:37:40

3 Sept 2012. Pains Wessex sponsors charity Irish Sea crossing in giant ‘hamster wheel’.

The world’s top marine distress signal brand Pains Wessex is sponsoring a charity fundraising bid to ‘walk on water’ across the Irish Sea.

Adventurer, engineer and athlete Chris Todd, from Wiltshire, is planning to walk non-stop across 66 miles of the Irish Sea from Wales to Ireland in a giant human ‘hamster wheel’


Yachting Monthly – Hamster man to cross Irish Sea

Press Coverage Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 01:34:22

Mon, 3 Sep 2012: Hamster man to cross Irish Sea. Dick Durham

Adventurer, engineer and athlete Chris Todd, from Wiltshire, is planning to walk non-stop across 66 miles of the Irish Sea from Wales to Ireland in a giant human ‘hamster wheel’ ……


Thanks to QinetiQ Bushman Trackers

Sponsorship Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 00:39:23

Thanks very much to QinetiQ Bushman Asset Tracking for provision of a tracking service…used for “global asset tracking”.

If I’m using a Bushman, does this now make me a “Global Asset”…hmmm, not sure?

But what I do know is that this little hand held device will give continuous satellite based position updates. Bushman have set the update frequency to be around 10 minutes which will be more than enough to cope with my snail’s pace and will give me more than enough battery for the crossing – if I don’k make it across in 48 hrs…I’m sure the battery will outlast me.

For more info about the handy James Bond style tracking device see the website

I want to thank QinetiQ Bushman for the no-nonsense straight talking help and support – if only everything in life were as quick, simple and straight-forward as dealing with QinetiQ Bushman.

So, thanks for helping make this event “observable” for those not bobbing up and down in the Irish Sea!

The tracking link will go onto the IrishSeaCrossing website shortly.


7th Sept no so good (High is too low!)

Weather Watch Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 00:26:51

Hi All,

I guess we might have to get used to this….. If we are to be ready, we must respond as if every possibility is a “real one” until proven otherwise…..same philosophy as fire alarms!

Sadly, the high pressure that was, just yesterday, predicted to pass over North Ireland is now predicted to be much more southerly…this means headwinds for the crossing, which is a no go situation.

So thanks for all the messages of support and for the donations that came flooding in on the prospect of a crossing.

Watch this space….there will be other opportunities.


7th Sept looks good

Weather Watch Posted on 04 Sep, 2012 02:26:53

High pressure settled over the Irish
Sea. Ideal sea states predicted. Good low tides for
that week end, all favourable. The winds are not ideal but may be ok.

Watch this space, the team are gearing up to go. So bit
items to sort and only a few days – it’s very tense….

Here’s hoping for the weekend!


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