The original support boat plan involved my single ‘open’ RIB, Katy Blue, which briefly appears in the video on the main website’s homepage.

However, we recognised from the outset that use of such a vessel was far from ideal, especially outside the main summer months, and the hope was always that we could get a more capable vessel or vessels involved.

The amazing news is that we may now have found such a vessel. Shortly after his website and blog went live, Chris was contacted by Bill Peters from Liverpool, offering the use of his purpose designed search and rescue RIB, all 14m (!) of it.

Bill’s RIB, called “Energy”, is a closed-cabin Hurricane 1400, which was previously in service with the Canadian Coast Guard. It has two inboard Caterpillar diesel engines, driving two Hamilton water-jet propulsion units. The RIB is normally skippered by Dave Rogers, a professional mariner who runs Ambient Marine from Albert Dock in Liverpool.

I visited Dave onboard “Energy” a short while ago, and it’s hard to imagine a more ideal solution!

Our sincere thanks go to both Bill and Dave for their incredible offer.

We are continuing to talk to Bill and Dave about dates and crewing, but as you may have read in previous posts, the biggest potential hurdle of finding a sponsor for the necessary marine diesel seems to be resolving itself.

For more information on Ambient Marine please visit their website at: