Thanks very much to Chris Ford at Southern Tank
for provision of
transportation tanks and a pumping service; part of the logistics of moving the
fuel for the safety boat.

Southern Tank Services was
amazingly helpful and has provided two IBC tanks for transportation of the diesel
needed for the safety boat. Despite
being super busy, Chris made the time to come and deliver the donated
transportation tanks and provide a pumping service to get this very vital part
of the Irish Sea Crossing jig saw puzzle under way.

I could tell from just
the short time that Chris spent sorting out the fuel transfer that he likes to get things done just
right and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they are. For
example, not content with providing the transportation tanks and the
pump service, Chris kindly donated a combined fuel filter / water-absorber, just to
ensure that when the fuel gets pumped into the boat that it is in absolutely perfect condition!

A big thanks to Southern Tank Services for
being so supportive for my effort to support two great charities. I would even go so far as to say….“Tanks” for

find out more about Southern Tank Services visit their website at