Longest training session to date completed today smiley. New
all time record. 8 hrs.

Link to Facebook page for video…http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151029072816809

The summary: mainly good, some highs and lows,
nothing hurts too much. Very tired though, in energy terms it was like running two back-to-back marathons – I will sleep well tonight.

The Stats: 8 hrs, 6 minutes.
Calories out = 6348 (c.
800/hr, about the same as a light – moderate jogging pace).
Calories in = 1360
(4 bananas, 4 crunchy bars and a bit of chocolate. Not enough).

Deficit = 4988

1 g of body fat = 9 Cals, so if this deficit is true I will have
lost 0.5 kg of body fat on this session and this could mean up to 3 kg on the
48 crossing, although I hope carb drinks (not used today) will help pump in
more calories.

Steps taken = c 31, 500
Height climbed (in wheel) = c14, 500
Distance walked (in wheel) =
c 12 miles

The bad bits:

Man chaffing
started at about seven and a half hours in. I should know better, but
thinking I “only” had half an hour remaining, I did nothing about it.
Now I am suffering the consequences. I expect the chaffing
problems to be worse in the salty sea air. Hmmm. Body Lube or Vaseline?

Wobbliness” set in at about five hours in, same
as the last training session. I managed to fight it until the end of the
session, but it is a worry. It is a bit like being on one of those
fairground rides, where you walk thought a rotating tunnel and end up losing your
balance. I am hoping that this effect is more easily felt on a static
training rig – as I haven’t felt in during the sea trails.

Overall, very pleased…8 hrs is 1/6 of the expected crossing time…. and now looking forward to the longer training
sessions still to come!