During the last lake test…I conducted some geeky testing to determine the optimum paddle depth (the submerged paddle depth on the Tredalo prototype can be altered).

The findings were very interesting and allowed my to fix the selected paddle depth for the crossing attempt with some confidence. This will give me some peace of mind that I won’t be toiling away with an inefficient craft….(and I’ll say it before someone else does……yes I know paddle wheels were phased out because they are inefficient, and propellers are better – but that’s not the point, is it?).

So, having had a good result and having eliminated yet another unknown / variable and having plowed effort into a possible crossing this weekend (abandoned due to changing weather forecasts) – I must really get on and do some training!

Next session should be 8 hours. OUCH (and YAWN)! So I’ll provide an update when that happens…