Thanks very much to for provision of some important kit: the drinking tubes and waterproof kit bags.

Have you ever heard the little saying “the devil’s in the detail”. So true! These little drinking tubes might be the making of the voyage…without them it would be much harder to fuel up on carb-drink and much harder to keep topped up with water and electrolytes. This is massively important if I’m going to make it though 48 hours and 30 litres of liquid during the crossing attempt.

Likeys provide the best kit and more importantly the best advise…I have known Martin and Sue for many years, including sharing experiences over three ulti-day ultra events (both hot and cold), and I know that if there’s something they don’t know about the kit they are selling, then it’s not worth knowing. More details about Likeys can be found on their website

They say you can survive 40 days without food, but on this challenge I couldn’t be able to continue for 40 minutes with out water…so once, thanks for the support and for providing these highly important bits of kit.