Thanks very much
to Drew Marine
Signal & Safety UK Ltd
for provision of some
vital safety kit: the PainsWessex
emergency flare packs.

We hope that these items will not be needed.
However, in considering the worst possible outcomes of various situations on the crossing we wouldn’t be considering undertaking a sea going
trip like this without them!

These flares
will offer visibility should I lose contact with the safety boat or should we
have to make our presence known to oncoming vessels. One worry is how visible we will be at night,
and although there are several mitigations in place, these important safety
signals are the backstop, should all else fail.

More details and
some cool videos showing flares in use are available via the PainsWessex website

I would
particularly like to express my thanks to Drew Marine Signal & Safety UK Ltd
for the enthusiastic way in which they have offered
their support…and although I have every faith in their products, this is one
case where I hope not to put them to the test.

So, once again, thanks for your support
and for providing these highly important bits of safety kit.